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burrows for tortoise and owls

Spring BioBlitz is coming in April 8-9, 2011!

Coined by U.S. National Park Service naturalist Susan Rudy, the BioBlitz movement has had success all over the world.  They have been held from New Zealand to Portugal, and now FAU!

The BioBlitz is a new means of rapid data collection from a natural environment.  To make data collection happen even faster in the future, SEEDS will be using a new iPhone application called Ecocritique.  Anyone with an iPhone can download the free App and bring it to event. The BioBlitz has dual aims: to establish the degree of biodiversity in an area, and to help popularize science.

We at SEEDS hope to create a reconnection to the environment. Students and other participants will get hands on chance to see the habitat of the Burrowing Owl, Gopher Tortoise and many other species while participating.  GPS data will be recorded along with other information to create a comprehensive report on the variety of species found on campus.

Here is a link to The National Coordinated Bioblitz by Earthtrek

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